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A Simple Center with A Choice of Common Goals

360 Focus is a online collaborative solutions service that allows members to find, create, and share valuable information.

It is like a shopping center with many stores, each with its own purpose and focus. Members can add features to their personal profiles to present their own content.

The service offers a variety of efficient and easy productivity services,

  • a calendar app to keep track of plans, events, and deadlines

  • a note-taking app that allows you capture and store your ideas
  • a mind mapping tool that helps you brainstorm and organize your thoughts
  • collaboration tools that allow you work easier and better with other, like-minded members on projects

360 Focus is a free and easy-to-use toolset, that can 
help you to be more productive and efficient.

Use the directory to find who has was you're looking for, then just go there and do what you need to.

Each Space and Person has their chosen purpose, focus and tools.
This way, the same features can be added to your personal profile for presenting your own content.

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What You Get

360 Focus is a simple, unified workspace that provides "everything you need and nothing you don't".

  • Our sleek and minimal toolbox has the most commonly needed apps, with more aat a single click.
  • You have a choice of traditional 'click' choices or modern voice-driven experience.
  • Premium and Pro tools include secured AI assistance, exclusive tools, even live consultancy. 

Who We Are

Founded by highly experienced and internationally recognised professionals Terry Hoffman and Philip Mizzi, we can now share our proven-effective methods to improve your life.

In business, relationships, health, or retirement, we focus on providing what YOU NEED and want.

For more information, see our case studies and testimonials.

How To Start

Simply make a free account and add a few preferences. We take care of the rest.

The more you update what you want, need, or do, the better we can bring you 'everything you need and nothing you don't".