360 Focus on What SHOULD Retirement Be?

We work and save for it our entire lives.
But what do we really need?

We need to remember what we hope our life can be, especially when we no longer need to work to make ends meet.


The trick is to know what we we most value, the feeling that make our life best.  Retirement takes away some things and adds others.  We just have to know how they work for (or against) us.

The Nature of Retirement

When we retire, we usually remove the limitations (and benefits) of daily work, so we have more time, less required work, and more self-determination.  We could sleep til noon, then putter in the garden, shop, or watch TV.  The risk in that is that without the structure and performance requirements, we may do little to actually have a better life.  We may relax to death, which is now our main limitation: time.

Choices and Decisions

This brings us to a series of choices we have, and the impacts that naturally follow what we decide.  We could choose to sleep in, watch soap operas, or drink every day, but then we have little to show for the ever-shrinking time we have.

We also want to leverage the best of the opportunities that retirement offers, so many people travel, visiting forgotten people and places or adventure to new ones.  Others may volunteer, helping others needing Red Cross, clean water or health services in small villages, or protecint our natural environment and animal neighbors.  We choose what do do based on what we value most, have to offer, or feel the most drawn to.


Next Steps

It is important to know what we have more of than we need, what we hope to gain, and how much it's worth to us, so we can choose wisely.

Posted by 360 Admin in Retirement  on Apr 22, 2023
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