360 Focus on Giving Back

We have spent a huge amount of our lives collecting (skills, money, experiences). Now What?

At some point, we find more value in sharing it with those less advantaged than us than in counting our "Midas' gold".

The personal rewards of sharing our good fortune with others goes way beyond the satisfaction of knowing we are contributing to a better world. Even more than adding to our own 'good karma' or 'priming the pump' of positive momentum, we take control of our lives in a way that can change the tides of chance.


Posted by 360 Admin in Global Volunteer  on Apr 22, 2023
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Find Something

Searching for what will really help you most
InfoThe right info to help you choose well
ItemsThings you need and want
PeopleThe people that make your life better

Do Something

Getting the best results with the least
FindingFind where and how the things you want are
GettingBring the things you want to your life
SharingShare with others who matter

Changes We Want

Making the most and best of what you can have
AmountsRelative amount of more, less, better, easier, etc
Investment CostsThe investment of time, money, effort, & risk
FeelingsHow you can feel better

What Do You Want Now?

Get The Right Info

Start faster and stronger with all you need to know:

Tangible objects or outcomes

Get what you need and want:

Health and Medical Needs

Protect the one asset you cannot buy spare parts to repair:

Connect With Your Favorite People

Enhance your social life by connecting with:

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